Raw Milk is Healthy Milk

Have you seen the study out about ultra-processed foods? Researchers found we eat more calories and gain more weight when we eat them. Raw milk is about as minimally processed as it gets! The milk is pumped straight from the cow, carried to our milk room and poured into jars for pick up by our customers. The milk you buy at the store is pretty processed. They pasteurize it, which means they cook it, then separate the cream, then add some cream back in and homogenize it so the cream won’t separate. Organic milk is ultra-pasteurized, cooked at an even higher heat. What’s wrong with that? Cooking decreases the good stuff like vitamins and healthy bacteria! One of the best things about raw milk is all the good bacteria. You can buy yogurt or other foods processed to include some bacteria or you can get it naturally through raw milk. Good bacteria contribute to a healthy gut which can help prevent weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol and inflammation.

A healthy gut has even been linked to healthier skin. That could be why some raw milk drinkers say it helps with their eczema. Studies in Europe have also shown that children who drink raw milk (it’s much more common there) have fewer allergies and are less likely to develop asthma. 

Since our cows spend their days munching on grass in our pasture and soaking up the southern Oregon sun, they also make milk with extra nutrients. Grass fed cow’s milk contains more Omega 3 fatty acids, which are critical for healthy brain development. It also has conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. That’s shown benefits for cardiovascular and bone health, decreased risk of obesity and could even help fight cancer.

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