A small family farm committed to providing the finest raw A2A2 milk to families across Southern Oregon.

Why Raw Milk?

Milk. In one form or another, it’s a mealtime staple in most homes. And the options at the grocery store seem to grow every week… cow’s milk, organic cow’s milk, soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk… wait! Most of those aren’t even milk at all! They’re just the liquid that comes from a nut with a bunch of stuff added to them. But, you’re a busy mom on a tight budget so you grab what you think is best and call it a day. Why, with so many options at the store, would you go out of your way and spend more money on raw cow’s milk? Because, like I said, milk is a mealtime staple. And if you choose raw milk, it could be the single healthiest thing your child consumes all day. 

Raw Milk is Healthy Milk

Have you seen the new study out about ultra-processed foods? Researchers found we eat more calories and gain more weight when we eat them. Raw milk is about as minimally processed as it gets!

Raw Milk Comes from Ethically Treated Cows

You can feel good about serving your family this milk not only because it’s extra healthy but it’s coming from extra happy cows! The life of a typical dairy cow isn’t very natural. They probably don’t eat grass or spend much, if any, time outside. Not the case with our cows! They live in our field with friends like our two miniature donkeys, pigs and dogs. They’re hand-fed by one of our family members. Every morning they’re hand-led to the milking station where they’re patted, talked to and hooked up to the milker by hand. These cows are loved and appreciated for all they give to our family and yours!

Raw Milk is delicious!

If you haven’t skimmed a couple tablespoons of fresh cream from raw milk for your coffee, do it immediately! There truly is no better way to start your day!

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